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6910 82 Ave Edmonton, AB

Our Suites

Unlike may other "cat boarders" we provide our guests spacious rooms, we do not use kennels or apartments. Currently we are proud to provide 6 dedicated cat rooms to our guests.


These spacious guestrooms offer a variety of interior designs to suit every taste. Including varied floor plans, diverse decors and plenty of natural light. When reserving your suite, contact our front desk to indicate if there is a specific room you would like to stay in.

The Apollo room is our social play room for our guests who love the sun and fun, tanning oil not included.
For more than 2 guests from the same family. The Kennedy room is large, regal and feels just like Camelot. Marilyn Monroe photos have been noted to be hanging from the walls
Thomas Hardy
Named after our owners cat. This room is for the only child, elderly or just the criminally insane. Mr. Hardy was asked to comment on this room as of publication time we had still not heard back from his people.
D.B. Cooper
Our D.B. Cooper room is private/semi private room which can hold 1 to 2 guests comfortably. Legend has it that a treasure may have been hidden this room, sometimes legends are just that though....
Our Hemingway suite is another private/semi private room which comes with a large cat condo for those guests who enjoy a bit of private time and space. Many of our guests have drawn inspiration from this room and penned some classic Canadian stories: The Milkman Cometh; The Red Dot On The Wall and 50 Shades of Fur
The Valentino is our original suite, housing some of our most famous guests.During CatFest this would be the room to camp out by to score that once in a life time selfie/autograph. This large suite comes with a large cat condo and is reserved for our most elite guests.
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