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6910 82 Ave Edmonton, AB

Overnight Stay

We at Caviar Dreams offer luxury short and long term stay services for our guests. We understand that sometimes our little ones are not able to able to go on the family trip thus we open our doors to them.


Unlike many Cat "Daycares/Boarding "facilities in Edmonton, we NEVER leave our valued guests alone this includes overnight. We always have a staff member who stays overnight with our beloved guests to make sure the sleep safe and sound. Our mission statement clearly states that we are a unique atmosphere in which the cold and industrial kennel feel is obsolete, and replaced with a warm safe luxurious environment.   Here, our guests do not remain in cages, but are free to roam, investigate, socialize and nap all at their leisure. 

We make sure each day they are given their proper diet supplied by you and all instructions that are left by you are followed. Each day our guests will spend the day in daycare and then their evenings inside a home like environment with home like feature comforts. We do not leave our clients alone in a building, we stay with our clients 24 hours a day they are ALWAYS within our sight. 

Cat Boarding

We have 6 separate cat rooms available.  Our cats are boarded in a kennel free atmosphere, meaning the cats are welcome to socialize with other cats in the same room. We offer them a large social space with windows and natural light.  The room also includes scratching posts and hiding holes if your kitty is being shy.  Depending on space and availability we may be able to give your cat his or her own room at no extra charge.  


Cats over 6 months must be neutered/spayed and up to date on their indoor cat vaccinations: Rabies and FVRCP. Owners are required to bring food and medication and we provide everything else

What to Bring

1.  Three forms if not already e-mailed in advanced. (these are found further below)

2. Copies of vaccinations vet forms.

3. Carrier

4. Food (depending on length of stay)


Cat Boarding


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$9.00 for each additional cat per night.


Extended Stays

30 Nights & Up $11.00/Night

Prices do not include GST

*Premium Rates Apply for Stat Holidays